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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Stanley Cup of Chowder ran an Article on their website called “Ask a P-Bruin: Submit Your Questions For Bobby Robins”. This gave fans an opportunity to fire away, and ask anything. I wanted to treat this as a writing experiment and actually answer … Continue Reading

The Best Version of You

It seems that it is not only athletic folk who deal with maintaining consistency and the pursuit of excellence. I've received emails from many different people from many different walks of life, telling me how these articles on excellence have … Continue Reading

Excellence Revisited

I think I'm on to something. Has anyone else tried these magic words? “I'm going to be excellent today.” I've been saying this to myself pretty much all day, every day for the past week. I've come to the conclusion that they are truly magic … Continue Reading

How to Be Excellent

We all have good days and we all have bad days. We have days where we are firing on all cylinders, clicking, buzzing, emitting vast clouds of potent energy out into the world. We know and embrace those special days, and acknowledge when we are lucky … Continue Reading

One Week Til Training Camp

Now it's real. No more mid July workouts and crackling sun reflecting off bicycle handlebars, on the way to the gym. And on those rides, the thoughts and visions of the year to come, and what I would do. And visualizing it completely, seeing every … Continue Reading

Death of a Demon

Ok, day 1 of your quit. Now what? No doubt you have been introduced to your very own Demon. Did you see what he looks like? Have you smelled him? He smelled you. He smelled your fears and insecurities. He captures these emotions and tucks them away … Continue Reading

The Call Up

I was dreaming of a frog. It was green and plump and lived under a patch of moss, deep inside the stump of an old birch tree in some ancient forest. Somehow I was inside of the stump and I spoke to the frog in deep gurgled groans and burps. The frog … Continue Reading

Chase the Dream

What a year. Looking one year back from today, it was the middle of the summer, and I had no idea where I was going be playing for the upcoming season, or if I would be playing at all. Bakersfield had my rights, the ECHL team on the western shores … Continue Reading

Me, My Dad, and a Game

When my mother’s water broke, that night in October, Dad was watching the Wisconsin Badgers hockey game on television, and he had a cast on his leg from a broken ankle that he got while playing basketball. I can’t imagine my dad, all 6 feet and 4 … Continue Reading

Metamorphosis Part 4

(Or, My Cancer Scare) I knocked the weeks off, one, then two, then three, and finally I made it a month. Was it really that easy? Or had I blocked the torture and fatigue? Had I forgotten the scratching feeling on each of my bodily organs all at … Continue Reading

Metamorphosis Part 3

(Or, My Cancer Scare) That one month milestone spoke the loudest to me, and I listened closely. “If I can just do this twelve more times, it will be one year without tobacco.” It seemed like a lifetime away, but for the first time, the possibility … Continue Reading

Metamorphosis Part 2

(or, My Cancer Scare) I was one week in. One week quit, and it would be another five days until I heard the results of my biopsy. My mouth hurt, and I found myself clenching my jaw and clicking it back and forth like some back ally crackhead … Continue Reading

Metamorphosis Part 1

(Or, My Cancer Scare) I won’t get into the back story of how I ended up in Europe in the first place; that will come at a later date. Today I won’t talk about living in a ski lodge in the middle of the Julian Alps in Western Slovenia, feeling … Continue Reading

Hockey Fight Chronicles

Opening night, first game of the season. Tension was high in the locker room. I sat in my stall, calmer than usual. I felt the nerves, I felt the fear, but I wasn’t consumed by it, I wouldn’t let it devour me anymore. I wasn’t engulfed like I used … Continue Reading